Autifony Therapeutics Ltd: pipeline of research and clinical trials work on hearing disorders, tinnitus, age related hearing loss & schizophrenia


Hearing disorders

Autifony’s lead compound, AUT00063, successfully completed Phase I clinical trials. A Phase IIa clinical trial in people with subjective tinnitus was initiated in November 2014 in the UK (with funding support from Innovate UK), and a second Phase IIa age-related hearing loss clinical trial was initiated in March 2015 in the US. A Pilot study of AUT00063 as an add-on treatment in adult cochlear implant users is starting in 2016. 



Autifony selected a clinical candidate, AUT00206, which has now entered Phase I clinical trials with a view to treating schizophrenia. This is a molecule with differentiated profile compared to AUT00063. Autifony has been awarded funding from Innovate UK to support this research.